Axinom CMS Video Introductions

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Video Introduction: Axinom CMS customization

Discover the flexibility and extensibility of our powerful content management system.

Video Introduction: Media Template for Axinom CMS

The most powerful and scalable cloud-based solution for media agencies and service providers interested in building OTT and TV Everywhere solutions for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and Live video streaming with integrated studio-grade multi DRM support.

Video Introduction: Axinom CMS for the media industry

Axinom CMS is an extensible content management system designed specifically for partners and service providers to cover the full end-to-end OTT media workflow while ensuring efficient and robust handling of media content. Using Axinom CMS, customers can create, deliver, manage and maintain the next-generation of video services in a simplified, cost-effective and secure way.

Video Introduction: Axinom CMS for the railway industry

Axinom CMS enables on-board entertainment scenarios and manages all assets for disconnected scenarios enabling premium video and services on board of the train. The system is designed to manage all types of digital content and services as movies, live streams, newspapers, music, on-board health reports, passenger data, reporting data, shop items, purchase orders and payments, advertisement and much more. Axinom CMS securely transfers digital content and services between on-ground and on-board servers.