Discover Axinom CMS

The next generation of our award-winning content management systems built on latest standards.
The winner in “2016 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award”.

Axinom CMS

Discover the next generation of award-winning content management systems

End-to-end video management
in the cloud and on-premises

Digital Platforms Built On Axinom

Axinom CMS allows service providers and customers to build digital platforms and manage SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and LIVE streaming scenarios and all related digital assets and meta data.

On-Board Entertainment

Axinom CMS enables on-board entertainment scenarios in planes, trains, busses, and ships. It manages all assets for disconnected scenarios enabling premium video and services on board of the vessels.


Axinom CMS – How it works?

Highly intuitive and user friendly interface

Single Interface

The system is designed to manage your digital assets and streamline your media workflows in one single interface.

Quick Start

Axinom CMS´s intuitive and user-friendly interface gives you a quick start without lots of training efforts. Uncluttered and clean, it shows only what needs to be shown, with no bulking.

Automated media workflows

Predefined workflows

A comprehensive set of predefined workflows allow you to instantly ingest and process media files, import and manage metadata, and generate feeds to use in frontend applications.

Cross Platform Delivery

Axinom CMS supports cross platform content and service delivery by enabling Microsoft and Amazon cloud deployments and content delivery over Akamai, Level3 and Limelight CDNs.